Saturday, 2 August 2014

Starting overseas work in less than 1 month!

Time flies. I have recently received my 457 visa approval and will be starting work on 1 Sept 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. I am keen to experience work and life in a new country. I am contented and excited to be offered this opportunity to do so.

a) Condo is rented out on a corporate lease

I am really fortunate to be able to find a new tenant for my existing condo in today's property climate. The company will mainly be paying for my mortgage and I hope that it will be this way for some time to come. The new rental rate is a lower than my previous rate but I think that its pretty decent considering that I still have some cash left after paying off the bank mortgage.

b) Started local work for 3 weeks

While waiting for my visa approval, I have started a short local contract role which is due before my reservist. It puts me back into the mood of working after being out of work for quite a while. In addition, I have to coordinate with folks in Shanghai and that at least makes the job more interesting. I have also polished up on my vba skills and have improved my financial position. The money will also come useful for me when I make the move to Australia.

c) Dividend rich month

August is also a dividend rich month for me. I think I am definitely not alone in this. For those who  have bought into reits and trusts over the years would also have their dividends pouring into their bank accounts in august and september. I am glad that my dividends can help with my financial needs during my time of joblessness.

Its going to be a busy month for me wrapping up my contract role, attend reservist and prepare myself to settle down in Australia. My next post will most probably be made from Australia. See you then!