Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy new year 2016!

As we approach the new year 2016, here is wishing everyone a very happy new year! I wish you happiness, good health and be surrounded with positive people all the time! Here is my personal retrospective for the year 2015. It has been a rather good year for me (except on the BGR part.). 

  • Spent a full year working in Melbourne. I was in a pretty good project in the beginning of the year. it was mentally taxing but I learnt quite a lot from my peers in the project. They are pretty good technical people! I have also made a few good friends along the way.
  • Enjoyed a company trip to Queensland - Bryon Bay. The sun was pretty hot but the activities were pretty fun. We did whale watching, had a company training about creativity and had loads of beer and more beer!
  • On the fitness front, I started to run the NIKE 10 km run every week. Its a good fitness training for me, although I am always lagging behind. But I find that it has been a rather good break for me after work.
For 2016: 
  • To able to continue with my regular 10 km runs every week. I don't have to be number one but I want to be able to run 10km with good ease. 
  • To secure my new rental lease next year. it expires in Jul next year. I hope to be able to renew it as soon as possible so that I can make use of my rental income as much as possible to clear up my mortgage repayments.

What are your objectives for 2016?