Sunday, 15 November 2015

Doing all the things.

It has been a long while since I did a post. I decided to setup a a living document after reading what I have seen on His list is pretty cool. This is my version. I would probably add onto it along the course of my life. I hope to be able to do at least some if not all of the things that I have thought of.

The Thing
Go to Sydney, New Zealand, Hongkong, USA, Canada, France, Bendigo
Catch up with friends who migrated there.
Go to unique places
Iceland, Russia, Sweden, Maldives
Do scary stuff
Paragliding, bungee jump, swing from tree to tree. Skydiving, White water rafting (Done these when i was in Cairns. Glad that I did them)
Complete full marathon
Tried 0.5 marathon but not full yet. Do biathlon and triathlon. (Scary! Can my body take it?)
Watch a whole bunch of shows and movies
The walking dead, leverage(does it have season 3), supernatural(new season?), marvel new tv series?, spectre, cantonese drama series?
Media: full anime series
Full metal alchemist
Catch movies which have been nominated for Best Picture
Donate Blood
Squeamish for me. I did this once during army but i should do it regularly for charity
Do up hk trails and dandenong 1000 steps
Want to publish my first kindle book. Not sure how it works yet though
Provide care to parents when needed
Falls under charity and being good son.
Get a new guitar and learn new songs to play on guitar. Need to expand list other than churchie related songs. Work on finger-plugging like a pro.
Learn Bass Guitar
Looks pretty easy compared to normal guitar
Write some actual songs
I used to have some nice tunes which suddenly come to me at odd times. Need to hinge on those and make something out of it.
Media: video games
No end to this list of games which keep coming out. Infinity, wow, halo 5, zelda, shovel knight and some Wii2 games. I pretty much enjoyed playing nintendo wii now and then. Its pretty interactive in nature
Media: books
Want to finish up anne rice series which is pretty hard to find. Time to search in libraries to fish them out.
Make good pasta, beef soup, yangchow fried rice, pho, fries, good steak. The list goes on. However, I am still not cooking for lunch cos I prefer hot food. I am cooking for dinner at the moment but I need to expand on more dishes.
Give good tuition to students who need help.
Part time lecturer at poly or uni
Video game dev
Make my own video game. Maybe my version of flappy bird or something funky
Grow my own mint leaves? I tried to grow cactus (which is pretty easy imho and i failed.)
Assorted diy
Make my own stuff to fix residences and property. Can help to keep costs down
Capture super photos. Can post them on some photohub to earn something out of it.
Get out of house days
Visit boxhill, bendigo, spend a day at the library that i have never been. Go to those old book stores.
Need to get my arse up to starting up that food blog
Want to see if i can dance for shit. I cant really seem to get my hands to do when i want it to do. Much less try to get my legs to do what i want it to do too.
Travel: Japan
Still scared of the radiation but i really should check japan out
Travel: Korea
Kimchi land! My mother has been to korea and i havent been. I wanna go and eat kimchi there!
Learning: coursera
Whole bunch of courses to do at coursera. Would be good to start up some new courses and clear up my PMP certification requirements
Clear the 7 wonders of the world. Only saw the pyramids and great wall but i never checked out the others
Person: piggyback mum
Eat new stuff together and reminisce good times like the curry laksa and turtle soup
Useless but awesome skills
Juggling, unicycling, balloon animals, magic tricks
More cooking
Baking a cake. Be a barista. Make laksa. Make lasagna

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