Saturday, 12 July 2014

Value Investing Mastery Course (VIMC) With BigFatPurse

I received an invitation email from Alvin late last month to attend this course. I was quite surprised that he emailed me as I do not even know him at all. I did visit his website before but I didn't post much comments on his website. I am honored to have received his invitation.

I attended this course today and was pretty surprised at the turnout. There were a total of 42 students who were keen to learn about what the course had to offer. Questions were asked during the course and the facilitators were keen to share with the class their knowledge and experience in the theories behind CNAV1, CNAV2 and POF.

VIMC's strategy is to buy stocks at a conservative margin of safety using the values obtained from its CNAV1, CNAV2 and POF analysis. Based on these numbers (which they will show you how to calculate them in the course), one can then make a calculated decision to buy / sell / ignore / monitor the current stock that you are looking at. The best part is that they have made it very simple for you to calculate those values. They even have a excel spreadsheet for you which just requires you to enter a few numbers from the financial reports and you can quickly know if this stock is worth looking at.

The best part about the course is actually the investment game played at the end of the course (yes there is a game! We learn best through games!). It helps you to understand the concepts better and to apply them in the investment game and the class participated very enthusiastically. (Probably because everyone contributed $10 to this game and the top 3 groups with the highest portfolio wins a portion of the pooled money!)

Overall, if you are a budding investor and are looking to find out more about share investing, this is a great course to attend to find out more. You must of course be willing to invest the time and effort as it is a whole day course.

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  1. Thanks for gracing the event! We are honored to have you spend your precious weekend with us :)

    Deeply appreciated.

    We should have coffee with Chris and Richard!

  2. Sure! I have just started some short term work recently at around orchard area. If you are keen for lunch and tea, just drop me a message / watsapp me :)

  3. I am fine too, my office is near the National Library, if anyone of you are here and want a lunch or kopi kaki, just PM me ;-)