Saturday, 6 September 2014

And here i am. Melbourne!

It has been a while since my last update. Time flies and I am back to work for a week already. This time, I am making this post from Melbourne Australia.

It was pretty challenging for me to set up accomodation for myself in less than a week. Its kind of funny that I am renting from others in australia and getting rent from my tenant in Singapore. I owe it to my girlfriend in finding my current rental property. Its pretty close to my office and I can save on time and money in terms of transport. It just takes me 5 minutes and 2 traffic lights to get to work.

Shops in australia close pretty early, so there isnt much for me to do after work except to eat dinner, shop at the supermarket and then head home for tv (thank goodness for tv). I am still trying to sort out my home wifi so that I will not have to rely on prepaid too much.

I am still working on improving my passive income flows and am still placing orders (but so far no luck). At the moment, I think I will focus on trying to reprice my existing mortgage loan before looking into the australian market. Its pretty good being a landlord here but I am also quite sure that there are lots of fees involved whilst trying go get a new tenant. If you do not know, prospective tenants will have to fill up a comprehensive rental application to the property agency before they will be considered. This is really good for the landlord as this minimizes risk in delayed payments.

Getting permanent residency
I do want to still try for this but I am not sure if I can handle the cold weather. I was told that the current weather is really cooling but I still feel the chills even though I am wrapped up in 3 layers of clothing. My girlfriend also does not seem keen to migrate to australia as she prefers being closer to Malaysia so that she can visit her parents at a more affordable price. On the other hand, I do not really want to waste my good IELTS score and the exam does not come cheap.

In the meantime, I shall not think too much and enjoy my time here. I am very grateful for the company sponsorship and I am sure that I will enjoy this experience very much. I hope my mother will come experience Melbourne soon and that my girlfriend will come soon too. (In case she is reading this, but I highly doubt it.)


  1. Hi PIB,
    Chance upon your blog, I'm planning to work in Melbourne. Could you kindly share info on taxes in Australia, ie. Rental income in Singapore and Capital gain from stocks and shares?

  2. Hi Tiffany, from what i understand, just pay your au taxes in au and sg taxes in sg. ;)