Saturday, 8 November 2014

Yay! I am getting my 3rd salary soon!

Another week and I would have taken 3 months salary from Melbourne. I have learnt quite a couple of things in the course of these 3 months here.

  • I have learnt how to use a macbook. Shortcuts are different with the command button. It can be a bit irritating (it still is, trust me). I guess I would need to take some time to get more familiar with it.
  • Brunch can be quite boring when I eat it alone. Thus, I have cut some brunches during weekends. I am also too peeved with eating eggs all the time during the weekends. I guess I am also watching my diet. It can be also expensive to eat brunch. It costs about 20AUD per brunch. If I add coffee to that, it would set me back by about 25AUD. Wow, its quite a lot!
  • My mother came to visit this week and it was a joy to eat with her and share my Melbourne experience with her. I hope she enjoyed herself very much. At least this makes me feel that my move to Melbourne is worth it so that She can enjoy free accommodation (well, I pay rent ...) from me.


  1. Hi PIB

    Ive never been to AU but how is the cost of basic living therr as compared to SG. No hawkers there so I supposed it should be more costly than here.

    1. a bowl of noodles cost me about 10 aud and a cup of hot choc costs me about 6aud. its pretty expensive in australia unless you cook at home for meals!