Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Portfolio Update - Apr 2014

I did not receive any dividends this month. It is a dry month for me. I have divested Capitalmallsasia to help boost my portfolio yield to that of 5.94%. I want to kick off Rickmers and Lifebrandz which are bringing my current portfolio's yield down.

I am also currently looking into trying to polish up my portfolio by trying to reduce a high number of 19 stocks to that from 3-5 stocks. From now on, I will only purchase stocks which meet the following numbers criteria (more relevant for REITS):
  • Dividend yield of at least 6.5%
  • NAV below current price
  • For REITS, gearing should be less than 40%
  • Consistent growth in DPU (Distribution per unit) compared to previous quarters
  • Consistent growth in NPI (Net property income)
  • Occupancy rate of > 98%
On the property front, my rental from property is coming in on time and I am currently looking for a new tenant. I hope to get a new tenant soon to help with the mortgage payment! My interest rate is going to hit a high of 1.88% this June and this is exact same month where my current tenancy agreements ends!

I have opened a new OCBC 360 account to take advantage of the high interest rates. I can only enjoy a maximum of 2.05% as I am not currently working right now. I will focus on getting the 2.05% every month. This is definitely better than the 1.88% by SCB bonus-saver or the 0.8% by CIMB.

Currently, I am waiting for my IELTS exam results which is supposed to be released on 7 May 2014 after 3pm. I hope to be able to do well and get my role in Australia. :)


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