Tuesday, 29 April 2014

OCBC 360 Account

With inflation eating our deposits in the bank, we should always find ways to grow our money which exceeds that of the inflation rate. One of the banks has introduced the OCBC 360 account which will help grow your money by 3.05% if you fulfill their following criterias:

a) Credit your salary every month (1%)
b) Pay 3 unique bills using the OCBC bank tool (1%) [You can GIRO your taxes and they count!]
c) Spend $400 within a month using the OCBC credit card (1%)

The 0.05 percent is for account balances up to 200k. It must be noted that this account should only apply to that of your emergency funds and not to their entire nest egg as this percentage is only for the first 50k in the account. I have opened my account and am looking to see if I have missed out on any fine prints of this particular product.

Link to find out more:

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